Dozenten/-innen: Mitja Sienknecht

Territorial disputes in the China Seas among different states of the region revolve around maritime borders in the region. The affected area in the East and South China Sea includes different groups of islands, plenty of natural resources, fishing areas and important shipping lanes. Because of the strategic and economic importance, naval military movements of several different parties (including the USA) can be observed which already led to confrontations and increase the likelihood of escalating the conflict.
The aim of this seminar is to give students the opportunity to experience how diplomacy works and how it may help to solve international conflicts, but also, what its limitations are. They will have the opportunity to act as delegates to the UN in the 2014 simulation of the “Viadrina Model United Nations”. Delegates will discuss issues concerning the border disputes in the China Seas and its effects on adjacent states in the Security Council and other bodies of the United Nations. Their goal will be to provide an internationally negotiated and unified resolution to the conflicts discussed in their committees. Lectures held by invited experts will complement the simulation and provide the participants with additional information.

Blockseminar: 16.06.-20.06.2014