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Global Studies

Dozenten/-innen: Klaus Müller Kursbeschreibung: The course intends to give a structured understanding what globalization is all about. The focus will be on the processes, institutions, values and interests which shape globalization in specific ways. Not at least, the causes and consequences of the ongoing global financial crisis on the European societies and the European Union will be dealt with. Is European solidarity threatened by a retreat into economic nationalism? Can the euro-zone survive? Are the post-communist countries, which tried to catch up with the West by opening up to the global markets, falling back again? Termine: Mittwoch 16-19 Uhr (04.06., 11.06.,18.06., 25.06.,02.07.) Freitag 9-11 Uhr (06.06, 13.06., 20.06., 27.06.)