Weekly outline

  • Acedemic Leave

    Dear Students,

    If you would like to receive an academic leave due to applicable reasons, please fill out the academic leave form (Urlaubsemester)  and submit the form to Ms Nadin Gahrns Gahrns@europa-uni.de and copy admi-master-ihl@europa-uni.de 

    Ms Gahrns is your contact person in the enrolment office (Immatrikulationsamt).

    Please be informed that your will be requested to pay the University student enrolment fee. You will find more information about your fee here https://www.europa-uni.de/de/studium/informationen/semesterbeitrag.html


    Master's Office

  • Status change - Full time to part time

    Dear Students,

    A student may switch from full time to part time, but only once. A formal application to this effect has to be submitted by the latest one month before the beginning of the second semester!

    If you wish to switch from full-time to part time, please fill out the part-time agreement. Please send the signed form to Master's Office master-ihl@europa-uni.de  

    Please be informed that you are allowed to take only two modules per semester, except if you fail a course or module would you be able to take more than two modules per semester.

    It takes up to two weeks to consider the agreement. You will be notified about the decision of the Examination Board.


    Master's Office

  • Enrolment Certificate

    Please use Viacampus platform to get your enrolment certificate. You will find it under the Report tab.


    If you face any difficulties to get an access to the Viacampus, please contact viacampus@europa-uni.de or Ms Meyer BMeyer@europa-uni.de 

    Where to find an enrolment statement

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