Course Image Description of UNIcert® II level

Description of UNIcert® II level

UNIcert® II UNIcert® II acknowledges, depending on the obtained mark, the following foreign language competences and intercultural communicative skills in private and public areas, in selected everyday situations as well as academic and professional life: Command of and ability independently to extend the general vocabulary and, if applicable, subject-specific basic vocabulary, as well as central structures and means of expression of the foreign language Ability to understand the cultural variety of the language area concerned Identifying the main topic as well as understanding most of the detailed information contained in longer oral statements of medium complexity Comprehensive understanding of longer, written texts of medium complexity which are of a descriptive and commenting nature Effective oral communication, deploying a standardised set of means of expression that are appropriate to address situations and persons for the purpose of giving information and making enquiries; describing objects and persons; expressing and commenting on suppositions, opinions, and advice on complex matters, and substantiating a point of view Drawing up written texts of a predominantly informative and descriptive, partly also reporting and commenting nature by using standardised means of expression